banquet chair
banquet chair


Lightweight with Aluminium Tubing, chairs are easily transported and stacked when not in use.

Polyurethane Moulded Seats offer longer lasting durability to traditional foam seats.

Modern Classic elegance in appearance for any type of venue.

Aluminium chair frames sold for recycling at end of life cycle offers a return on Investment.

May be used in Semi / Shaded Outdoor areas for weddings such as on a beach.

banquet chair


Polyurethane Moulded Seats are Indent in design as standard

Fully Welded Frames are Handcrafted

Stacks 10 for storage, movement and delivery

Upholstered in fabric to colour of choice

Arm handle for backrest allows for easy carrying of chairs

Optional Anodise Finish for Enhanced Appearance

Aluminium Frame is Rust Free for Life

banquet chair

Refined and Traditional

Over 30 years in refinement that has taken place from the evolution of BCA 536, these chairs are simple and less curvaceous that its parent counterpart

banquet chair


25.4mm Square Aluminium Tubing

Upholstered Backrest Cover

2.0mm wall thickness

Nylon Bumper and Leg Studs

Polyurethane Moulded Seats

Oven Baked Epoxy or Anodise Finish on Frames

Upholstered Backrest

Upholstered Seat with Indent Design

BCA 522 Banquet Stacking Chair

BCA 522 is a Banquet Chair which has its heritage traced back to BCA 536. Menial curves do not accentuate sharper lines but menial ones.

Product details

  • Dimensions:
  • 455W X 610L X 916H
  • Seat Depth 455H
  • Weight:6.5 Kilograms