office chair


office chair

Adjustable Armrest :

The two-pivoted headrest allows precise adjustments of the angle and the height , giving comfort and support to neck and head at any seating position.(Pic. 1)

Adjustable Armrest with Polyurethane Armpad :

Adjustable armrest with polyurethane armpad that allow top slider to rotate in multi-angle to enhance support with best comfort.(Pic. 2, 3)


Fixed Armrest :

Moulded polypropylene arerest in black finish.(Pic. 4, 5)

5 Pronged Base :

5 pronged nylon base in either nylon or die-cast polished aliminium finish, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provides strong stability.(Pic. 6 ,7)

office chair

4 Pronged Base :

4 pronged base in die-cast polished aluminium finish , generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide stronge stability. (Pic. 8)

Polyurethane Colored Castors or Stud :

Both the 50mm polyurethane colored dual-wheel castors and studs are designed for smooth gliding and also reduce floor scratches.(Pic. 9, 10)


Replaceable Seat Cushion :

Replaceable seat cushion from the seatinf plate panel which allows ease of exchange and replace of seat cushion. (Pic. 11)

Adjustable Seat Depth & Slope :

Usinf a simple lever under the seat , user can easily adjust the depth as well as the slope of the seating to a ccommodate his sitting preference and comfort. (Pic. 12, 13)

office chair

Translucent Lumbar Support :

Artfully designed designed moulded polypropylene lumbar support that promotes ergomic comfort. (Pic. 14)


Rotary Syncgronized Mechanism :

Multi-locking mechanism that come with seat height adjustment and revolving tension control function. (Pic. 15, 16, 17)

office chair

Rotary Syncgronized Knee Tilt Mechanism :

Multi-locking mechanism that come with seat height adjustment and revolving tension control function. (Pic. 18, 19)


Height Adjustable Pneumatic Cylinder :

Imported heavy duty pneumatic cylinder designed with safety and durability features , allows for height adjustment of the chair to suit each user physique. (Pic. 20)


Polyurethane Moulded Form :

High desity polyrethane moulded form come with the fire retardant feature, gives the seat flexibility to comform user seating posture , provides great support and best compfort even for long seating housr. The black finish seat cover below is designed for greater protection to the form , quanlity upholstery and user safety. (Pic. 21)


Product details

Maxim takes a serious approach to ensure individual comfort, support and personal expression. This slim and slender line from the elegant harmony of inspiring shape and translucent material opens up a new perspective of your space by casting a spell of modern design.

We wanted to find one word to describe Maxim, but couldn’t choose between fantastic, beautiful, elegant, reliable, comfortable, ergonomic, desirable, sophisticated, etc. So we settled for “All of the Above”. Having just one of these chairs in the office will cause endless of jealousy and arguments.

  • Dimensions:
    office chair

    IT8312N - 14D98

    Height : 1170mm x 1250mm

    Width : 470mm x 680mm

    Depth : 490mm 550mm

    office chair

    MX811L - 10D58

    Height : 990mm x 1070mm

    Width : 470mm x 680mm

    Depth : 490mm x 550mm

    office chair

    MX8112L - 20A69

    Height : 950mm x 1030mm

    Width : 490mm x 610mm

    Depth : 510mm

    office chair

    MX8113L - 88CA69

    Height : 920mm

    Width : 490mm x 610mm

    Depth : 510mm


    *All dimensions in mm.