Smarty SM6515L-94C

Visitor / Conference Chair without arm
– 94C 4-legged chrome base


Aluminium Armrest
Die-cast polished finish fixed aluminium armrest with upholstery armpad is designed for its visual aesthetics, durability and reliability. The top upholstery armpad provides soft texture and cushion feel for a more comfortable resting of elbows.
(Pic 1)

Fixed Armrest
Upholstered metal armrest either in chrome or epoxy finish.
(Pic 2, 3)


5 Pronged Base
5 pronged base in either nylon or die-cast polished aluminium finish, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability.
(Pic 4, 5)

4 Pronged Base
4 pronged base in die-cast polished aluminium finish with fixed studs, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability.
(Pic 6, 8)

Nylon Castors
60mm nylon dual-wheel castors are designed for smooth gliding and also reduce floor scratches.
(Pic 7)

Rotary Point Synchronized Mechanism
Multi-locking mechanism that come with seat height adjustment and revolving tension control function.
(Pic 9, 10)

Tilting Mechanism
Metal synchronized mechanism with 1 locking system that come with weight adjustable tension knob.
(Pic 11, 12)

Ball Motion Mechanism
With the ball motion mechanism, you will be able to sit dynamically. The chair moves as if you were sitting on a ball. Through body muscles, user will keep his body in balance.
(Pic 13)

Vertical Mechanism
Non-tilting height adjustable mechanism that will allow user to sit comfortably and safely.
(Pic 14)