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Best School Furniture Supplier Malaysia

Ergonomic School Furniture Malaysia 2023

School furniture commonly refers to chairs, desks, tables, writing whiteboards, library shelves, storage lockers, filing cabinets, and other furniture that is used in educational institutions. These pieces of education furniture are designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic learning environment for students, as well as to promote good posture and concentration.

In the past, school furniture was typically standardized and designed to be functional rather than comfortable. However, in recent years 2023, there has been a growing emphasis on designing furniture that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and customizable to the needs of students and teachers.

Some common types of school furniture including:

  1. Classroom desks and chairs are typically designed to be stackable and easy to move around. These come in a variety of sizes and heights to accommodate students of different ages and sizes.
  2. Tables are used in various parts of the school, such as the cafeteria, library, or computer lab. They are typically designed to be sturdy and durable, with surfaces that are easy to clean.
  3. Storage cabinets are used to store textbooks, supplies, and other materials. SIF storage cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles, including steel cabinets, lockers, and mobile shelving units.
  4. Writing board supplies range from glass writing boards, magnetic glass boards, sliding board systems, notice boards, conference flipcharts, and more.

Overall, school furniture plays an important role in creating a conducive learning environment for students. SIF Furniture provides comfortable and functional school furniture to educational institutions in helping students to stay focused on their studies and achieve academic success.

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Emerging SMEs in Golden Bull Award 2021

5th November 2021

SIF Development Sdn Bhd recognized as Emerging SMEs in Golden Bull Award 2021

SIF Development Sdn Bhd provides furniture and interior solution to workspaces in Malaysia. We strive for an innovative workspace solution to enhance the working experience and user connection of ergonomic challenges.

SIF Development Sdn Bhd has been recognized in Golden Bull Award 2021 as one of the Emerging SMEs in Malaysia. Specializes in supplying office furniture, hospitality furniture, education furniture, and corporate interior across Malaysia, headquarter based in Selangor.

We value and share beliefs about our people and the art of furniture design for our customers. Our products and approaches to business make us unique and diversified.

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Get Different Design Idea for 2021

  • Our “Bossku”, purchasing or procurement manager are always preparing for the future budget and planning
    office furniture ahead, so we thought now would be a great time to look at modern office furniture design
    ideas for 2021.
  • As daily, office productivity and comfort are at the top of the list of design considerations since modern
    office furniture embraces the best of economic, affordability, and functionality.
  • But today’s office is slightly different because the whole world affected by Coronavirus “ Covid-19”. From there,
    we learn how to gets into well work from the house environment. Be challenging to gets long hours in the house
    without a proper office chair or office furniture.

Nowadays, people are more concerned about angle differences for their office layout.

Furniture Sustainability

• Furnishings and fabrics bring beauty and functionality to the office in the coming year with even more design choices.

Office  Furniture Layouts

• Layouts that accommodate distancing and allow workers who work different days to share
workstations and common areas safely.

Office Partition

• Privacy pods/ workstation cubicles will continue to grow in open office setups. To avoid spreading of  Covid-19.

Office Cleanability

• Modern designs that incorporate organization so cleaning and sanitizing is a breeze. So they will look for more glass panels, acrylic panels, PU leather and etc for the office workstation. So office furniture is not damaged by consistent sanitization.

Office Plants

• Incorporating plants for health and well being. Everything from succulent walls to half wall planters to personal plants as desk dividers.

• Re-charge areas.

• Beautiful lounge areas to allow for mental recharging and downtime that facilitates

Office Separation

• Glass panels, fabric panels, or acrylic panels promote privacy, proper office noise levels, and safety. Some can even be multipurpose like organizational barriers or whiteboards.


• For example, high/medium back chair arrangements, allow for excellent communication and comfortable while maintaining office flow.

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How to Do Leather Care & Maintenance

Differentiate Real Leather & PU Leather

Start The First Step to Clean Your Leather Furniture

Normal Cleaning

To maintain the quality of your leather furniture, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here.

Clean with micro fibre and clean water

Clean with vacuum

Cleaning Spots & Spills

Mix up 50% Vinegar and 50% Distilled Water to clean your leather furniture

Clean with Leather Cleaner or Fabric Cleaner

Clean with Water and Soap

Clean with Baking Soda and Tooth Brush

Mixing White Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil in Water to clean your Leather Furniture


If the stain remains, contact a professional cleaner.
If large areas are soiled, contact a professional cleaning firm.

How Frequent to Clean Your Leather Furniture

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How to get your Workplace Ready for COVID-19 & Before MCO lifted

1. Simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your office

The low-cost measures below are some guidelines from WHO and MOH Malaysia will help prevent the spread of contagion COVID-19 in your office workplace, it includes and does not limit to school, corporate offices, co-working offices, factory, warehouse, bank and retail outlets.

It is an important series of precaution to protect your employees, customers and contractors.

  • Make sure your workplaces are clean and hygiene
  • Desk and table surfaces, every object such as telephone, keyboards, office equipment and door handles need to be wiped and disinfect / sanitise regularly.
  • Promote regular and thorough hand wash by employees, contractors and customers.

2. Social Distancing for Office Workplace

    • Ensure face masks are available at your workplaces
    • Encourage no handshake policy
    • Increasing physical space (1 metre apart) between workers & employees at the worksite.
    • Limit in- person meetings. If unavoidable, meeting should be short.
    • Avoid large work-related gatherings (eg. staff meetings, after-work functions).

Getting the Workplace READY before MCO lifted

Ready NOW for Return to Work LATER


Here at SIF, we are helping and suggesting to make the transition back to office smooth. Here is how you can plan for your office new layout by testing out seats arrangement.

Distance your office table into office cubicles.


What is office cubicle?

A cubicle is a partially enclosed office workspace that is separated from neighbouring workspaces by partitions which is ranging from height 1200mm to 1800mm. It is effective for segregate office workers from contacting too closely and maintains distancing in a limited space.

Most importantly, workers can prevent droplets while working and communicating, as well as concentrate on their task without fear.

This is cubicle design can be suitable for separating department from sales telemarketing, account administration, sales & marketing and etc. To match cubicle offices into your workplace environment, we provide a wide range of colour fabric partition, different thickness of partition cubicle, material and design of partition cubicle ( glass frame or half polycarbonate available) .







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Classroom Furniture Design 2020

Active Classrooms Learning

Develop Ideas
Social Fun Spaces

University College Classroom Furniture

College is a study life where many students are longing. Learning spaces require a stimulating environment which includes providing comfortable ergonomic furniture, natural and bright lightings plus most importantly human focus approach helps to improve institutional goals. Globally, there is growing numbers of educational institute are switching from traditional classrooms to innovative active spaces.

SIF designed a series of campus furniture based on a long-haul research and development, we categorise study table and academic furniture according to diverse faculties. To engage with students in Art and Design Faculty SIF incorporate with extra creative elements as well as sustainable learning space design.

While the learning spaces for technology and laboratory faculty focus on individual workstation and collaborative learning activities.


Common areas are one of the communication spaces for peers, student-teacher and faculty in campus. Coffee tables and lounge chairs are presentable and provide comfort spaces for group connection with each other.


Discussion areas are equipped with writing boards and presentation tools, giving students and advisors convenience and easy access to academic debates and counselling.


Individual workstations are as important as collaboration spaces. Since researcher involves some extent of focusing. A common area may not be suitable for doing research as there is disturbing behavior from the others.


Community space with cafeteria style is trending and has incorporated in library. Availability of food & drinks in cafeteria, comfortable chairs and dining furniture can relieve stress and boredom after long hours of learning.

Active Social Engagement

Active learning can occur in anytime and anywhere between students and faculty. Through transmission of learning methods and significant move towards informal learning spaces, common spaces such as hallway, café and lounge setting recreate the powerful learning environment.
Students naturally carrying their personal laptop throughout campuses and adapt seamlessly into studying and brainstorming communications between peers.

Different faculties may have different theme setting for the study tables and chairs, our furniture can be customise by colours, sizes and materials.

Our study furniture and design material can accommodate table and chairs for library, tutor’s offices, dorm, discussion areas.

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Inspiring School Furniture 2020

Creative Classrooms Furniture

Inspiring Kids
Learning Fun Spaces

Kids Classroom Furniture

Macarons Colour School Classroom Setting  

Most kids in pre-school loves colourful and bright environment, through a kid’s first glimpse experience the joyful atmosphere and feeling of embracement are highly influenced by the pre-school furniture. Hence SIF Furniture has made macaroons colour available in school furniture such as study table, study chair, storage cabinet, toy trolley, book trolley and kids stools.

Color is one of the mood stimulation, light and bright colours like red, yellow and green are creativity and spirit inspiring. Macaron-like pastel colours brings tranquillity and calmness for pre-school kids to adapt quickly in new environment and get along with new friends.

Safety & Hygiene Featured

There are a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the classroom furniture. It is essential to keep classroom tables and chairs easy to clean. Food and drinks might be spilled from table to chair and eventually on the floor, not to mention to have urine and poops usually happened in pre-school classroom.

Peace of Mind Design

Apart from the hygienic concerns, safety remains another important focus as kids furniture is designed with soft rounded corners. Kid’s chairs can be moulded-manufactured which the entire chair comes in one piece. It will be as safety as durable.

Our classroom table and chair are manufactured from high quality material and sturdy construct in order to engage pre-school kids in fun activities and withstand everyday usage. SIF study furniture comes in variation of colours, sizes and designs. Our study table and study chair complete in standard sizes to suit pre-school toddlers and accommodate children of all ages

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5 Best Office Table Design in Malaysia


A functional workspace would definitely require matching office tables.  No matter if you are looking for a corporate office table or working from home table, durability and quality is key. Office tables are categories according to purposes, design, size and materials.

1. Executive Office Table

  • Executive office table can be added with fix pedestal or mobile pedestal to enrich the storage space. L shape spacious table top boost up the comfortable working experience. There are different size and shape for executive office table top, come in D shape, L shape, Boat shape and Rectangular shape. SIF provides 13 shades of Colours, from light beech, light grey to dark walnut and dark grey.


2. Director Table

  • Contemporary office table in dark tone style up with chrome table A leg and chrome  modesty panel to illustrate authority design and classy. Underneath the masculine Director Table top in DL shape, the cable management and wire trunking are well designed for hassle free working. The mobile pedestal is a smart choice for flexibility storage and easy access to files, folders and personal stuff. The dark masculine cabinet at the back gives a nice impression and minimalist tone to display decorations to command respect.

3. Meeting Room Table

  • Management team discuss, brainstorming and makes decision in meeting room which is a representative get-together space of an organisation. The prospect client meets together, get wowed by presentation slides and enjoy demonstrations.
  • For this reason, meeting table material, size, shape and finishing are a series of important aspects to consider when choosing the functional meeting table. Wires and cables for connecting devices to power communications and AV cords can be neatly organize in order to secure effective meeting rooms.

4. Discussion Table

  • Discussion table available in various table top shapes, table bases, colours and sizes. Our shapes range in round, square, oval and rectangular. Discussion tables are commonly empowered in offices, cafeteria, discussion area and waiting area.
  • With different material such as durable glass top and laminate chipboard with variation of colours, discussion tables are able to support business and social work style. One of its key features easy to keep clean and stain resistance can be fit into work space, play space as well as lounge setting.

5. Banquet Table

  • Office Banquet Table also known as Foldable Table where space saving and portability is 2 main features. Foldable table makes movement and storage easy especially in organising events, conference, seminar, and temporarily usage. This is also ideal for start-up and small enterprises which have space constraint and budget selections.
  • Banquet foldable tables are widely used in hospitality industry such as restaurant, hotel, resort, office pantry, conference room and conventional hall.

SIF experienced in professional office table design,
production of office workstation.
We focus on customer needs & quality furniture


South Island Furniture SIF manufactures and supply premium quality office table, reception counter, discussion table, meeting table, banquet table and folding table to corporate offices, conference hall, meeting room & lounge area and reception area.


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Office Workstation Malaysia


South Island Furniture SIF manufactures and supply premium quality office workstation, office table and meeting table to corporate offices, hotel, healthcare & hospitality industries and education industries.

SIF experienced in professional office table design,
production of office workstation.
We focus on customer needs & quality furniture


Customise Office Workstation 2019-2020


Office Cubicle Design Malaysia

SIF office workstation ranging from cluster of 2 workstation, cluster of 4 workstation, cluster of 6 workstation, cluster of 8 cubicle office seats, customise cubicle with table top material and table base designs as well as office workstation partition.

Custom Made Office Workstation & Furniture

We have huge selections on table top and workstation partition materials and colours, contact us at 03 - 8080 8216. We provide office workstation customisation according to your desired size, materials and colours.


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Office Chair Malaysia


South Island Furniture SIF manufactures and supply premium quality office chairs, office table and office workstation to corporate offices, hotel, healthcare & hospitality industries and education industries.

SIF experienced in professional office chair design,
production of office furniture.
We focus on customer needs & quality furniture


Latest Designer Chair 2019-2020

Seating Furniture Malaysia

SIF office chair ranging from Presidential Director chair, Manager chair, Executive chair, Typist chair, Meeting chair, VIP chair, Conference chair, Banquet chair, Guest chair and Lounge chair.

Custom Made Office Chair & Furniture

We have huge selections on materials and colours, from mesh chair, PU chair, leather chair, aluminium chair base, chrome chair base, metal chair base, polypropylene chair base and wooden chair base. We provide office chair customisation according to your desired size, materials and colours.