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5 Best Office Table Design in Malaysia


A functional workspace would definitely require matching office tables.  No matter if you are looking for a corporate office table or working from home table, durability and quality is key. Office tables are categories according to purposes, design, size and materials.

1. Executive Office Table

  • Executive office table can be added with fix pedestal or mobile pedestal to enrich the storage space. L shape spacious table top boost up the comfortable working experience. There are different size and shape for executive office table top, come in D shape, L shape, Boat shape and Rectangular shape. SIF provides 13 shades of Colours, from light beech, light grey to dark walnut and dark grey.


2. Director Table

  • Contemporary office table in dark tone style up with chrome table A leg and chrome ┬ámodesty panel to illustrate authority design and classy. Underneath the masculine Director Table top in DL shape, the cable management and wire trunking are well designed for hassle free working. The mobile pedestal is a smart choice for flexibility storage and easy access to files, folders and personal stuff. The dark masculine cabinet at the back gives a nice impression and minimalist tone to display decorations to command respect.

3. Meeting Room Table

  • Management team discuss, brainstorming and makes decision in meeting room which is a representative get-together space of an organisation. The prospect client meets together, get wowed by presentation slides and enjoy demonstrations.
  • For this reason, meeting table material, size, shape and finishing are a series of important aspects to consider when choosing the functional meeting table. Wires and cables for connecting devices to power communications and AV cords can be neatly organize in order to secure effective meeting rooms.

4. Discussion Table

  • Discussion table available in various table top shapes, table bases, colours and sizes. Our shapes range in round, square, oval and rectangular. Discussion tables are commonly empowered in offices, cafeteria, discussion area and waiting area.
  • With different material such as durable glass top and laminate chipboard with variation of colours, discussion tables are able to support business and social work style. One of its key features easy to keep clean and stain resistance can be fit into work space, play space as well as lounge setting.

5. Banquet Table

  • Office Banquet Table also known as Foldable Table where space saving and portability is 2 main features. Foldable table makes movement and storage easy especially in organising events, conference, seminar, and temporarily usage. This is also ideal for start-up and small enterprises which have space constraint and budget selections.
  • Banquet foldable tables are widely used in hospitality industry such as restaurant, hotel, resort, office pantry, conference room and conventional hall.

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