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Classroom Furniture Design 2020

Active Classrooms Learning

Develop Ideas
Social Fun Spaces

University College Classroom Furniture

College is a study life where many students are longing. Learning spaces require a stimulating environment which includes providing comfortable ergonomic furniture, natural and bright lightings plus most importantly human focus approach helps to improve institutional goals. Globally, there is growing numbers of educational institute are switching from traditional classrooms to innovative active spaces.

SIF designed a series of campus furniture based on a long-haul research and development, we categorise study table and academic furniture according to diverse faculties. To engage with students in Art and Design Faculty SIF incorporate with extra creative elements as well as sustainable learning space design.

While the learning spaces for technology and laboratory faculty focus on individual workstation and collaborative learning activities.


Common areas are one of the communication spaces for peers, student-teacher and faculty in campus. Coffee tables and lounge chairs are presentable and provide comfort spaces for group connection with each other.


Discussion areas are equipped with writing boards and presentation tools, giving students and advisors convenience and easy access to academic debates and counselling.


Individual workstations are as important as collaboration spaces. Since researcher involves some extent of focusing. A common area may not be suitable for doing research as there is disturbing behavior from the others.


Community space with cafeteria style is trending and has incorporated in library. Availability of food & drinks in cafeteria, comfortable chairs and dining furniture can relieve stress and boredom after long hours of learning.

Active Social Engagement

Active learning can occur in anytime and anywhere between students and faculty. Through transmission of learning methods and significant move towards informal learning spaces, common spaces such as hallway, café and lounge setting recreate the powerful learning environment.
Students naturally carrying their personal laptop throughout campuses and adapt seamlessly into studying and brainstorming communications between peers.

Different faculties may have different theme setting for the study tables and chairs, our furniture can be customise by colours, sizes and materials.

Our study furniture and design material can accommodate table and chairs for library, tutor’s offices, dorm, discussion areas.